Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review


America’s two favorite superheroes go head to head in a film that made $166 million in just its opening weekend. The film was connected with The Man of Steel, which was released in 2013. “Dawn of Justice” was the first live action film that featured Batman and Superman together, which made DC fans go crazy for the movie. Other heroes that were featured were Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash. Although Batman and Superman have a battle of their own, they both need to make the decision to fight each other or stop Lex Luthor, who is also obsessed with trying to get rid of Batman and defeating Superman.

Batman v Superman was a very deep meaningful and thrilling film, but some might find it tragic. Not one scene was found as a bore. Although many fans expected much more fighting, the film was still an excite to watch.  Deep emotion was thrown back and forth, with the unfortunate past of Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) loss of his parents at the age of 7, and the rage of the citizens anger towards Clark Kent (Superman) for some of his actions. The movie was also a huge teaser to fans that was perfectly set up for DC to continue the movie for future films and events.

I would rate the movie an 4/5, and highly suggest to all Batman and Superman fans to see the film for an exciting battle.

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