Zootopia Movie Review


An animated movie about talking animals does not seem too unique. Its been done countless times over the years in the film industry, but Zootopia brings a unique twist to typical talking animal story. The film takes a worn idea and creates a unique animated film with the humor, sorrow, and satire while still making it a moral story that is understandable but with enough substance for adults.

Zootopia begins with Judy Hopps as a young bunny with big dreams to become a police officer in the big city, Zootopia even though her dreams are scorned Zootopia-Movie-Poster-2016by those around her. She is told by her parents to be more practical and is also bullied by young predator animals. Though these obstacles are placed in front of her she is still determined to make her dream come true. We see Judy Hopps follow her hopes and dreams as she succeeds in becoming the first bunny police officer.

From there the viewers follow Officer Hopps to the big city of Zootopia, but Hopps quickly realizes her dreams are not what they appeared to be. Hopps is quickly discriminated against for being smaller than all the other officers. zootopia-movie-desktop-2048x1152Through the entirety of the film Hopps has to prove her worth and capacity to others while solving an important investigation.

The aspect that puts Zootopia above all other films is the message behind the talking animals. Zootopia discusses the discrimination by race by paralleling it with the discrimination of predators by prey. The film also discusses the social issue of bullying among young children. Overall the film’s dialog keeps adults intrigued and allows young kids to still understand the messages.

This film deserves 5/5 for its innovative dialogue and heart warming messages.

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