Braves Conquer The Bassett Olympians


LA PUENTE, CA– On Thursday, March 24th, the Braves Badminton Team regained its strength ending with a victory of 17-4 at Bassett High School.

“I’m glad we won,” exclaimed Lisa Nguyen, BPHS junior. “It took practice and we were really confident that we could beat them. I’m happy that we have another win on our record!”

After a harsh and emotional loss against the Azusa Aztecs, the Braves were in a gloomy mood while up against the Bassett Olympians. Nevertheless, the team tried their best and managed to be focused throughout the entire game.

Bassett was the 5th official game of the season for the Montview League. The Braves had already beaten Bassett last year, so the team was confident for a guaranteed win, but they still hustled.

There were some changes to the varsity line-up once again. Senior Nhut Ngo moved up to play Mixed Doubles 1 with junior Sharon Tran while senior Leon Truong played Mixed Doubles 2 with junior Shwe Nemyo. The matches began with the Mixed Doubles and all ensured a win against the Olympians along with Kelvin Si and Michelle Del Toro as Mixed Doubles 3.

In Boys Doubles, the Braves won all 4 games against the Bassett Olympians. Doubles 1 team of Si and Ngo and the Doubles 2 team of Kevin Chua and Jimmy Chen beat their opponents easily.

In Girls Doubles, the Braves also won all their 4 games. Doubles 1 consisted of Tran and Lily Phan and Doubles 2 of Cindy Nguyen and Del Toro.

Lastly, both Truong and Tuyen Ho won their Singles games. The latest additions to the varsity team were freshmen Alan Le and Lena Do. The rest of the varsity players did not seem worried about their matches but both freshmen were nervous to play. Le is usually in reserved varsity, but he played Boys Singles 1 and Do played Girls Singles 2 for experience. Le and Do lost their 4 games in a very close matches.eyesrthrjyjtthfthhdggryfrydh

Lena Do, BPHS freshman, just started playing badminton this year and is already on varsity. She finds the sport very challenging but will catch up, wanting to improve and win.

“My goal this season is to get as many wins as possible and to learn as much as I can. In order to achieve these goals, I plan to attend practice everyday and get help from my upperclassmen,” said Do.

The losses resulted in the final score of 17-4. Despite the 4 losses, the team knew there could be time for more improvements.

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