Your Voice is All I Hear

Your Voice is All I Hear

A heartbreaking story written by Leah Scheier, titled “Your Voice Is All I Hear” is a truly deep emotional story that makes a teenage girl’s heart throb.

This story is about a young high school girl named April whose life circles around her single mother and her only friend who is moving away, leaving April in full disappointment. April is very anti-social and negative about her looks compared to the blonde, tanned, and curved girls at her school. April is not so excited about her return back to school for her sophomore year without her best friend by her side. As April enters her 2nd period on the first day back, she notices a new student, a boy named Jonah. Many of the girls in the class fall head over heels for the tall, pale, skinny, mysterious boy. Jonah decides to make friends with April which totally shocks the other girls in the class.

Throughout their friendship, which soon turns into a relationship, they fight together through the jokes and rumors that many of the students make about their relationship. April begins to notice a change in Jonah, a big change. The boy is talking to himself, yelling at nothing, and very bipolar. As Jonah’s mood swings began to grow worse, his mother decides to check him into a hospital. April decides to stay committed to their relationship and help him fight through his tough time. After months of Jonah being in a mental hospital with no progress, April begins to think that she has completely lost him, which leaves her in a debate whether to stay with the boy or move on with her life.

You may find out April’s decision and read the whole journey of April’s and Jonah’s relationship if you check out or buy the book at your local library or bookshop. I would give this love story a 5/5 and suggest you give the book a try.

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