Sushi at A Burger Joint

Sushi at A Burger Joint

Let us start by saying, it wasn’t terrible. P&G Super Burger is a restaurant located at 15028 Ramona Blvd, down the road from Baldwin Park High School, and while one would typically go to indulge on the delicious burgers, we decided that it was time to put their extended menu to the test.

It would not be unwise to approach this endeavor with caution, given the questionable mix of fast food and raw fish. A considerable sum of $24 would be enough to grant you California rolls, Deep Fried Super California rolls, and a plate of Beef Chow Mein. While waiting for the meal to be served, your mind might begin running rampant picturing poorly presented rolls of terror, oil-spurting wheels of inferior rice, and a jungle of chaotic looking P&Gcrop5noodles. You would be half-wrong.

You would be surprised by a not terribly scary, but rather a beautifully presented, set of food items. Should you find within yourself the courage to attack the California rolls, you would be pleasantly surprised. While not the most amazing sushi on the planet, it is adequate. The filling doesn’t taste old and the rice feels and tastes fresh. Contrary to one’s initial expectations, the California Rolls are passable. While not the worst, the California Rolls are barely satisfactory and you probably wouldn’t look forward to another order, unless you had been starving for a month.p&gcrop3

Next you might try the deep-fried Super California Rolls, and these will blow our mind. There is a reason why they decided to call them “Super” and “California Rolls”; they are really big and really California Roll-y. The set of eight rolls are likely twice the size of the original California Rolls, filled with nearly double the artificial crab, and wrapped in a warm jacket of golden crisp. These rolls not only surpass one’s expectations, but give a sliver of hope that the last dish might actually be tasty enough to forget that you are sitting in a burger joint.P&Gcrop7

This hope brewing within would unfortunately be a mistake. The chow mein is hard to eat, to say the least. The noodles are quite thick, the veggies coated in a layer of grease, and the beef seems to channel the taste of an actual burger. You can try to like this dish, you really can; however, it progressively begins to feel as if you are climbing up a hill of misery and anguish. Some may enjoy the taste of this overly greasy dish, but this was not to our liking and we really wouldn’t recommend it

We know the burgers and the traditional “burger joint” foods at P & G Super Burger are actually quite delicious—and in no way is this review intended to reflect their main entrées—but if you are in the mood for chow mein or sushi, it would be best to find a place that doesn’t try to be something it’s not. If we had to rate just the extended menu we would likely give it….


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