Students Experience a Day of Art

Students Experience a Day of Art

Many students from Mrs. Altenau’s ceramics classes attended a two part field trip on March 22, 2016 to the Millard Sheets Gallery and American Museum of Ceramic Arts (AMOCA) in Pomona, CA.5

Students departed Baldwin Park High School at the start of the school day for the  Millard Sheets Gallery at Pomona Fairplex to view art pieces by students from the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire. The group was divided into two, 7each with a personal guide who showed them art that was inspired by finishing the sentence, “Life is…”

It was during this time that students were also given the opportunity to create their own art pieces that defined them. Once completed, the art pieces were placed on a wall full of other students’ art, where every student was able to have art on display in the Millard Sheets Gallery.

After they visited the Millard Sheets Gallery, the group took a short bus trip to AMOCA where they were able to view different ceramic pieces, by the famous Peter Voulkos, who is popular in ceramic art for crossing the traditional divide between ceramic crafts10 and fine art. S8tudents were also fascinated by the ceramic piece of tea cups with secrets and confessions of random people written on the cups. A couple of students took to this and requested that they do their own version of these cups at Baldwin Park High School. Other notable pieces included a hanging ceramic pig and a large 20 dollar bill made of ceramic pennies, where students were able to each take a penny.

The trip was an overall success in discovering art beyond the classroom. It also gave students the opportunity to deeply analyze art and raise different points of views.

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