Braves Badminton Loses Streak


AZUSA, CA — On Tuesday, March 22, 2016, Braves Badminton suffered its first loss of the season against the Azusa Aztecs on Aztec territory.

In Spring 2015, the Aztecs won the Montview League Championship title with the Braves and Gladstone Gladiators right behind them in a tie for second place. On March 14, 2016, the Braves beat Gladstone in an uplifting victory that pumped them up for their upcoming game against Azusa. With the Braves’ defeat of the school that tied with them last spring, Azusa was the only school left in their way of a league championship title.

Although the game against Azusa was only the 4th game of the official season, the Braves had already played 6 prior. They were undefeated since the first match but lost the streak with their defeat against Azusa.

All of the varsity members were aware of the stakes right before the matches began, adding to the pre-game anxiety that hung in the air. There were strategic changes in the varsity line-up. Newcomer and senior Justin Vinoray replaced junior Kevin Chua to play as Boys Singles 2. Chua was moved to play in Vinoray’s original spot as Boys Doubles 2 in an attempt to ensure two wins for the Braves.

The matches began with mixed doubles. In an upset, the Braves’ Mixed Doubles 1 team of Leon Truong and Sharon Tran lost against both of Azusa’s mixed doubles teams. The Braves’ Mixed Doubles 2 team of Nhut-Linh Ngo and Shwe Nemyo beat the Aztecs’ Mixed Doubles 2 but lost to their Mixed Doubles 1 team. Kelvin Si and Michelle Del Toro beat the Aztecs’ Mixed Doubles 3 team in what is usually considered the tie-breaking 21st match.

In boys doubles, the Braves beat the Aztecs by winning 3 out of the 4 games. The Braves’ Boys Doubles 1 of Si and Ngo won against both of Azusa’s boys doubles teams. However, Boys Doubles 2, which included Jimmy Chen and Chua, only won against the Aztecs’ Boys Doubles 2 team.

In girls doubles, the Braves tied with the Aztecs after they won and lost 2 games. Both girls doubles teams, Doubles 1 consisting of Tran and Lily Phan and Doubles 2 consisting of Del Toro and Cindy Nguyen, only won against the Aztecs’ Girls Doubles 2 team.

In boys singles, only one game  was won by Boys Singles 1 Truong against the Aztecs’ Boys Singles 2.

The Braves lost all four of the games in girls singles.

In the end, the Braves lost 13 games and won 8 games, handing the victory to the Aztecs. With the loss, the best result the Braves can achieve by the end of the season is to tie with Azusa as Montview League Champs by winning every game until the rest of the season.

“I believe that today everyone played their best and really took today’s game seriously,” explained junior Del Toro. “We can’t let a loss get us down.”

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