Got Soap?


It’s right after lunch and suddenly in the middle of class the need to go relieve yourself is so bad that you finally ask to be allowed to go to the restroom. This is no task for the faint of heart though. As you walk into the restroom you see sinks that sometimes are out of order, urinals on the brink of overflowing, and soap containers without any soap. It’s no secret that school restrooms are often some of the worst restrooms you can find anywhere, however why do they always look like a disaster zone?

Sometimes it seems as if the school has stopped trying to maintain these facilities, and who can blame them if they have? Every day it seems that someone goes out of their way to make the restrooms a mess. The janitors in our school can only do so much, and after a while they must see it as pointless to continually try to maintain a restroom that students will likely wreck every time.

The reason that there is often no soap in the restrooms is simple, because most of the school can not handle having nice things. This is the problem in schools in this nation where students vandalize property that is put there to help them. If soap was put in the restroom, more likely than not students will play around with the soap or just waste it.

In the end we can not continually blame someone else for not having proper sanitation material in our school, until we are ready to be responsible enough to handle them. So the next time you choose to go to the restroom remember, you are not the only one who uses the bathroom, so pick up after yourselves.


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