Another Clash Craze

Another Clash Craze

From the makers of the popular mobile games Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, the mobile game giant Supercell has recently released their newest title: Clash Royale. Chances are you’ve probably tried one of their games, or at least know someone who has, so you might be familiar with the type of games they make.

Supercell specializes in free-to-play type games that offer in-app purchases, meaning the games are free to download and play but offer goods in the game that could be bought for real money. So if you’re a gamer on a budget, then these games make for ample time-killers.Arena_Clash_Royake

Now onto Clash Royale. The game shares similar characters and visuals of their other title Clash of Clans, but that’s where the similarities end. Clash Royale plays like a Tower-defense and real-time strategy hybrid, where the goal of the game is to siege your opponent’s base and destroy all their defenses. The game blends strategic mechanics like: deck-building, resource management, and precise unit placement all into one neat bundle that flows together quite nicely.

The bulk of the game is conducted in short 3-5 minutes matches between yourself and another player, with the victor being whoever destroys more of their opponent’s base. These quick matches make is easy to play at brunch or lunch.

Another feature of the game is the ability to create a group,or clan, of your closest friends. By creating a clan, you can differentiate yourself from other players, play against other clan members, and give unwanted cards to other members of the clan. So the social-aspect of the game does make it an appealing choice for a group of friends to pick up and play together.

While you can spend anywhere from zero to one hundred dollars on this game, the game never makes you feel like you have to. It offers enough ways of progressing solely by playing the game, and while it’s not as fast as sinking hundreds of dollars to rise to the top, the game never makes you feel like you have to spend money to enjoy it. So, if you’ve been burned by other free-to-play games and their shady practices just know that Crash Royale doesn’t suffer from those same issues.

Clash Royale is a refreshing change for mobile games right now. It offers elements that are familiar to many people while presenting them in a fun and exciting new way.


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