ISIS’s Information Crisis

ISIS’s Information Crisis

On March 10th, thousands of documents were leaked from the most notorious terrorist organization of the century which detailed the structure of the organization and gave insight into the application process of an ISIS supporter.

The applications seemed nearly professional, requesting information such as: name, nickname, date of birth, education level, blood type, and special skills; all of which give the impression that the position being applied for was legitimate.ISIS2

All the information leaked was said to have been supplied by an ex-ISIS militant who had recently defected. Such documents were leaked to the media outlet, Sky News. After having glanced over the documents, Sky News claims they immediately shared the documents with government authorities.US-ISIS

One of the more concerning aspects of this leak is the surprising amount of American and Canadian sympathizers seeking to join the organization. Several thousand individuals of both nationalities have been found to had submitted applications or interacted with the organization in some manner. It is obvious why this is of great concern to both the United States and Canada as the presence of an internal threat may be more real than once thought.

While thinking of such possibilities may instill fear into the hearts of some citizens, it is highly likely that this leakage of information could signify weakness within the abominable organization. “U.S. airstrikes have been pounding ISIS weapons depots and an airstrike also is believed to have killed a top ISIS commander known as “Omar the Chechen” in Syria last week.” claimed Richard Engel, Ben Plesser, and Ammar Cheikh Omar of NBC News. This aggressive approach to punishing ISIS may be proving to be increasingly effective.

With the apparent leak of documents and the continuous pressure from US forces ISIS may soon be facing the destruction or destabilization of their organization.

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