Are We in a Landfill Or Is This a High School Campus?


BPHS students are well aware of this image: walking back to class after lunch and seeing massive numbers of lunch trays with unfinished food scattered around campus. This leftover  food and trays can be seen piled on lunch tables, scattered in hallways, and dumped onto the grass. The real question is, is it really that difficult to grab your trash and walk to a trash can to throw it away? There is no excuse for unthrown trash with multiple blue trash cans placed around school campus for our convenience. So fellow students is it really that difficult to walk a couple of steps and dump your trash into these blue trash cans?

campus trash 1“I think people leave their trash because they just expect it to be picked up anyway. Although that is the case, I still see trash all around the campus. I think people do this because they are lazy and don’t have any respect… Not just for the school but for themselves as well.” stated Senior Savannah Butler.

Although it seems like an easy thing to do, by the looks of it  some students find it difficult. Students who fail to throwcampus trash 2 away their trash encourage the epidemic of these most unwanted pests, the seagulls. Unfinished food is a welcoming invitation to these pesky birds; students are unintentionally feeding the seagulls and we all know the animosity the majority of the school feel towards the birds.

“I think that it literally makes the school look trashy…it’d be best not to leave trash *cough* *cough* less birds.” reflected Frankie Robles

Unthrown food also reflects negatively upon the school and its students. It sends the message that our school’s students are indolent and do not care about the appearance of our campus. So, students let’s reflect how much BPHS  students are proactive and care for their campus.


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