Rubio Bows Out


On March 15th, Marco Rubio declared the end of his presidential campaign, after losing his home state of Florida to Donald Trump.

Rubio is a 44 year old Cuban American senator from Florida who was the Republican party’s shining star. He campaigned under the slogan of  a “New American Century,” as he tried to benefit from his relative youth compared to the other candidates. Rubio’s main campaign theme was leaving a better future for the next generation as he stressed his own past of being born into a low income family. He gave his followers a message that promoted an optimistic view for the future.

Though that did not seem to be enough this election year, throughout various primaries, Rubio never seemed to get better than third or fourth place in the previous primaries.  After Jeb Bush dropped out of the presidential race, the Republican party looked towards Rubio to beat Trump. The party leaders switched most of their endorsements from Bush to Rubio. However, this did not seem to help Rubio as he continued to be unable to win a sizable number of states.  Mike Huckabee dealt a blow to Rubio’s campaign before he dropped out, by pointing out Rubio’s memorized speeches showing his inexperience as a politician, and coining the term Robot Rubio.

Rubio with his wife, Dousdebes.
Rubio with his wife Jeanette

Early on, Rubio focused his attacks on Ted Cruz ignoring Trump, believing him not to be much of a threat. As time passed and Trump proved he was here to stay, Rubio began attacking the celebrity front runner. He focused on Trump’s hypocrisy of saying he wants to make more jobs by kicking out Mexicans, while he continues to hire low wage immigrants in his businesses. Trump’s juggernaut campaign proved to be impervious to Rubio’s attacks. Rubio continued to his criticism on Trump by acting like a child and insulting Trump’s hands and other areas.

Rubio’s campaign ended in a good way as he came out in fourth place from a campaign pool of seventeen. In the future America might see more of Rubio as  he is still a young senator, though for now Rubio has declared he will not run for any position next year and will become a private citizen after his term as Senator of Florida ends.




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