Back to the 50’s

Back to the 50's

On Friday March, 11th Baldwin Park High School presented their 50’s Carnival themed Sadies Hawkins. This year’s Sadies had an amazing outcome. Greasers, rockabillies, squares, and pin-up chicks were all over the place, from the ticket booth, straight to the dance floor. Although many students were disappointed that Sadies had been moved inside the gym due to the bipolar rainy weather, ASB did not disappoint.

ASB managed to make this indoor Sadies a success. In just a month ASB made decorations that made you feel like you were walking into a carnival with a 50’s vibe. Many stuffed animals were won as prizes at gaming booths. Some of these games were tossing rings to bottle, popping balloons, and throwing sacks.

The most exciting event of the night was tossing a plate of mountain-high whipped cream straight into Mr. Valbuena’s and Mr. Cuevas’ faces.  A new school DJ was introduced that night as DJ Michael. He did a very good job at the dance with a mixture of today’s music and 50’s music. In the middle of the dance, students ran excitedly towards his set up just to catch foam glow sticks that he was throwing out. Many students dancing with the glow sticks really lit up the dance floor, making it more exciting.


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