Look Out for Spring Sports!


BALDWIN PARK, CA– It’s that time of year again! Students at Baldwin Park High School are prepared to play a wide variety of spring sports! For students on spring sport teams, winter break was a time to prepare for the long season ahead. They have been conditioning for a long time to motivate themselves.

Such sports include:



After winning 2nd in the Montview league last year, the badminton team has high hopes this year. Leon Truong, BPHS senior, revealed his thoughts on the badminton season.

“My expectations for this season are high. By having the right mindset, we can keep a positive atmosphere and overcome other teams. This year, I want 1st place in league. This hasn’t been accomplished since 2008. Before I graduate, I want to be able to bring home the title for our team,” he stated.
Boys’ BaseballqwAStd

Jacob Rice, BPHS junior, and his team are very confident and excited to play. They not only want to win league championship but also to make it deep into the postseason. Rice claims that it will one of the best seasons that go down in BPHS history.

“So far throughout the season, the Braves are off to a good start in our non-league games; however, there are many things we can improve on. With our league opener being against Sierra Vista, the Braves are looking strong and will compete with our crosstown rival for the top spot in the league,” he said.

aqwtegdBoys’ Tennis

Bryan Moran, BPHS junior, claims that he is extremely happy and excited for this season.

“We got a lot of new players so I’m making new friends, our new coaches, Coach Torres and Coach Eddy, are great as well. They are really pushing us so the whole team is improving each day,” said Bryan. “It will be a good season with a lot of new friends, fun, and hopefully, a lot of wins.”

Girls’ Softball

qewrtThe Girls’ Varsity Softball Team is ready for anything that is thrown at them! Keoni Hilo, BPHS junior, feels she and her team have a great chance to take 1st place in the Montview League.

“We have a strong talented team that works very hard,” she states. “We have a lot of younger players that will benefit our team next year too, but right now we all have the same goal and that is just to win games. I think once our team blends better together, then there will be no way that we can’t win games and possibly make it to CIF.”


Last year, almost 10 players won a league medal ftor he BPHS Swim Team. BPHS senior, Ryan Chou is ready for his final season.

“This year we got a new coach so we started 3 weeks late. I think this season is just for fun and time to improve,” Ryan explained.



Track and Field

It is finally upon us! Timothy Lam, BPHS senior, expressed his thoughts about the upcoming Track and Field season.

“I can’t believe this is my last year to compete as a Brave. I remember my first time stepping on the track as a freshman. Each year we always end up with a new coach, but I think this was meant to be,” he stated. “Our current coach, Brandon Ortiz, has put through some hard times during training, but the results were tremendous. This last year of track season, I want to work hard and fulfill my dream to compete at a collegiate level. Also, this season goes out to my teammates, my coach, and especially Isaac Mendiola, because he was like a brother and we always pushed each other to succeed. This season will not be a disappointment.”

wer6;hgSpring sports season is a great time to be a Brave. With so many different teams playing, everyone has a team to cheer on and keep up with. Anyone can be updated to find out the teams’ ranks, schedules, and scores by checking out MaxPreps and keeping up with the Vanguard Twitter account!

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