Your Favorite San Francisco Family is Back



Fuller House finally premiered on Netflix on February 26, 2016. The show is a sequel to the original family sitcom, Full House, which premiered back on September 22 1987.  This an anticipated event for people of all ages,  especially for those binge watchers since all 13 episodes will be available.Full_House_1987_TV_series_logo

For those faithful fans they can expect to see their favorite San Francisco family reunite in the first few episodes; however without the Olsen sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley. This sequel sitcom takes place two decades after Full House ended. The cast has aged and the Tanner children and friends have grown up. DJ Tanner is now a veterinarian-widow with 3 children, Stephanie is a free spirited worldwide DJ, Uncle Joey is a successful comedian in Las Vegas and Danny and Rebecca are moving to Los Angeles to host their nationwide television show.

As always the Tanner household is interrupted by the infamous Kimmy Gibbler, who is now a divorcee with a daughter. This continues the story as Kimmy and her daughter, along with Stephanie, hafulllt their lives to help DJ raise her family.

The season depicts humor and family values as the past show once did. Though criticism varies, as Rotten Tomatoes rated the show 31% and gave an 8/10, the show has been renewed for a second season to premiere next spring. It is obvious that it is fun and exciting to see this show back in action as everyone is all grown up, however the final opinion depends on the viewer.


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