Express Lane to Blissful Eating


Meizhou Express is a great representation of what an authentic Chinese restaurant should be, and it’s right in the heart of Baldwin Park at 4518 Maine Ave. Sure, there are fast-food chains such as Panda Express to satisfy one’s everyday need for some take-out Chinese food, but Meizhou Express satisfies the craving for Chinese food that may remind some of their relative’s home cooking. If there is one thing Meizhou Express does right, it’s presentation and ambience.

As soon as you are seated, the waiter sets down small plates of a deep gray shade and some pitch black chopsticks that are beautifully simplistic. The cleanliness of the restaurant in addition to the beautiful presentation of utensils and the most attentive order request gave the impression that the restaurant experience would truly be remembered. The restaurant is aesthetically pleasing with a set of bright displays listing food items across the room and seats that make it nearly impossible not to think, “Woah, these are some unnecessarily neat seats.”

The method of taking an order at Meizhou Express is quite refreshing, giving the consumer the ability to select the quantities of the certain items on a small form-like menu rather than speaking an order and potentially risking a miscommunication. Once the quantities are listed, a waiter simply comes up to the table and picks up the order with a warm and welcoming smile.

After submitting an order for one Dan-Dan noodle soup, one Wonton soup, and a Deluxe Combo (duck) platter accompanied by freshly made dumplings, the food could be heard sizzling in the back end of the restaurant. As the plates made their way out of the kitchen, one-by-one, a bell could be heard ringing a beautiful G-sharp, letting customers know: the food is coming. When the bowls of food were set down on the table, the wonderful smells were overwhelming, capable of sending anyone’s salivary glands insane.Dan Dan

The Dan-Dan noodles can best be described as a considerable amount of noodles floating around in a fiery brew of chili and spices priced at $7.99. The first thing to be noticed is the dark red tint of the broth that boils under the mountain of noodles waiting to kick you in the face with flavor. Taking the first chopstick full of noodles sends the mouth into a state of blissful inferno. The spicy tastes add much to the overall flavor of the platter, making this dish one to look forward to.

Okay, (dramatic pause followed by a sigh) we had no idea what we were getting into on this next one. The Deluxe Combo (duck) platter was a surprise. This dish looks freaky if you aren’t accustomed to eating duck this way. It is served on a small, dark shaded plate, just big enough to fit the feet, head, and a few other bodily parts of the delicious ducDuckk. This is the perfect case of, “Looks can be deceiving,”as the first bite was packed with unique flavors in an odd package of rubbery texture. It is worth the unique experience if you are unaccustomed to eating duck or hoping to break out of your comfort zone. The only aspect of this dish that may make anyone think twice about ordering it, besides the obviously unique  physical appearance, is the price: at a whopping $7.00 this dish offers only a small portion of food compared to other items on the menu, so keep that in mind.

One of the most visually appealing dishes of the night was the Won-Ton soup, a vibrant display of green herbs and light wontons resting peacefully against an obsidian bowl at a price of $7.50. The first bite surpassed Wonton expectations as a multitude of flavors and scents flooded our senses. Thick noodles and bountiful wontons with scattered green onion leave nothing to be desired as every bite sends out a wave of contrasting flavors. The succulent pork of the wontons is perfectly complemented by the broth which is light yet rich, offering a savory taste without the unpleasantness that usually follows an oil-heavy dish. Ordering this bowl will not only taste good, it will also leave you feeling good.

If anyone were asked whether they’d take the dumplings served at Meizhou Express over a significant other, there would be an influx of lonely significant others. The dumplings are served fresh from the kitchen, as fresh as “fresh” can be. . The crunchy outer shells protecting the meaty innards worked to create the perfect experience for a beginner dumpling eater, or even the most seasoned dumpling enthusiast. These little treats of pleasurable guilt are not to be missed when visiting this restaurant, and at a reasonable price of only $3.99 for quadruplets, why wouldn’t anyone try them?

Overall, the experience one can expect from Meizhou Express is one of interesting platters and above satisfactory food items. There may only be a handful of restaurants worth visiting within city limits, but this one proves to be an unmistakably apparent destination for any individual looking to enjoy a plethora of unique, yet flavor-packed dishes, 5/5


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