Damn Daniel back at it again with the White Vans!


Maybe some of you had a friend or stranger yell out “Damn Daniel!” or “Back at it again with the white Vans.” These two phrases come from a video of a teenage boy named Daniel Lara that instantly went viral. The video features different snapchat videos put into one whole video of Daniel and his different outfits. Throughout these videos a very hilarious sounding voice from Joshua Holz repeatedly calls out Daniel on his outfits saying, “Damn Daniel!” In a few of his outfits, Daniel wears white Vans which leads Joshua to call out to Daniel, “Damn Daniel, back it again with the white Vans!”

The video was posted February 15th on Joshua’s Twitter with 338k retweets and 450K likes. Damn Daniel became so viral that both boys guest starred on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen gave Daniel a lifetime supply of free Vans and Joshua a surfboard customized by Ellen herself. If you’re ever out walking in white Vans, be prepared to get called “Damn Daniel.”

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