Generation Z: Who is it?


A generation of technological advances and questioning fast, almost instant communication and creating what was looked at as impossible or fiction in your favorite 1980s classic. This is Generation Z.

Also known as the post-Millennials or the Centennials, the kids of Generation Z were born primarily from the late 90s to the 2010s. This generation, like the generations beforehand, are frowned upon and are expected to ruin everything. With information about anything and everything in the palm of their hands, they choose to look at the latest viral video or watch their favorite YouTuber’s weekly video rather than the latest article from The Wall Street Journal.


Generation Z consists of undergrads, high school seniors and even first graders. With such a huge age gap, why is Generation Z so important? Generation Z is a generation of technology; the oldest  grew up with little knowledge of the Internet and the amazing things it has to offer, but the youngest  probably haven’t gone a day without it. They’re able to stream television shows, upload photos, videos and gifs instantly to any social media platform. With this much power, kids use this technology to inform themselves of the latest news, taking quizzes like “What Avenger Are You?” on Buzzfeed, finding out what’s going on in your best friend from middle school’s life and even the latest health trends ranging from new workouts to coconut oil and kale.

It’s hard to define this generation when the oldest are barely out of high school and the youngest are just starting elementary school. What we do know about this generation is that it is going to be different and memorable because it is the start of fast, constantly improving technology that is easily accessible. It doesn’t just change the way people communicate but also the improvements and advancements the future can make within an ever-changing world.


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