Bloomberg Presidential Campaign?


Former Mayor of New York City and businessman, Michael Bloomberg, has strongly hinted at a possible run for the presidential election. Bloomberg, who is an independent politician, has expressed disappointment with the state of the current election. At a private event in New York City, he referred to the race as a “corrupt, gridlocked, and broken two-party system,” in which its candidates are participating in a “race to the extremes.” He also implicitly took shots at Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for “pointing fingers,” and, “making pie-in-the-sky promises.”

Bloomberg’s estimated net worth stands at around $37 billion USD, a fortune that can be largely attributed to the monumental success of Bloomberg L.P., a financial software and data company which he founded in 1981. Shortly after 9/11, Bloomberg became the 108th mayor of New York City and remained in office until 2013.

Currently, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in a tight battle to become the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, whilst Donald Trump continues to dominate the GOP field. Should Bloomberg enter the race, there is a slight possibility that neither candidate in any party would be able to secure the 270 electoral votes needed to become the president. The 12th amendment of the U.S. constitution states that should this occur, then the vote must be handed over to the House of Representatives, with a Republican majority.

Could Bloomberg fare well in the election should he decide to run for office? Maybe not; according to a poll by the Associated Press, just 7% of voters say they would vote him, with only 20% having a positive view of him.

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