Politic Junkies Unite

A.P. Government students and other political junkies came together in Mr. Hertenstein’s classroom on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 to watch the first Democratic Debates for the 2016 election.

While many students walked into the class with some knowledge of their political preferences and some discovered theirs, student Taylor Muse answered the question about who she will be voting for with “too soon for me to decide.” Considering Bernie Sanders says “80% of young people don’t vote,” it is a pretty big deal that about half of the only A.P. Government class we have at BPHS spared three hours of their free time to watch the debates and discuss their intentions of voting.

Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Jim Webb, Lawrence Lessig, Martin O’Malley, and Lincoln Chafee were asked what the biggest threats to the National Security are. Sanders believes the global crisis is a main threat, while Clinton believes the spread of nuclear weapons our biggest threat. From Webb’s perspective, our relations with China regarding cyber warfare is one of the issues we should fear most. On the other hand, Chafee believes we should be very afraid of Middle Eastern countries.

“Obama. He needs a third term. We should strike down the 22nd amendment,” said senior Selena Han, when asked who she would vote for in the 2016 presidential election. Moses Nunez chuckled in opposition to her statement and answered the question with, “Anyone who is not a democrat.”

Enthusiastic democrat Karla Chavez said she will be voting for Sanders, “because Black Lives Matter and he is pro-choice. His whole set of plans is just the reason why I will be voting for him. #FeeltheBern!” Senior Brittany Repolda will also be voting for Sanders because of his socialist mindset and his emphasis on current issues.

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