Full STEAM Ahead

Four Year Engineering Plan Unveiled

According to Mr. Eastvedt, STEAM Academy Leader, students should embark on this path if they “have an interest in math, science, technology, and making things.”

Photo by Leonel Quintana

The courses for the newly developed pathway include: Introduction to Design (Project Lead The Way), Computer Programming/Exploration in Engineering, Principles of Engineering (PLTW), and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (PLTW).

Introduction to Design (PLTW) is essentially Art 1 with an engineering focus. Students learn basic techniques in art, design, and computer-aided drafting. Interestingly, successful completion of the course grants a student one year of art credit. Mr. Millan and Mr. Davidson both taught this course.

Computer programming┬áis a semester-long course in which students learn JavaScript through “video tutorials and teacher guidance.” Exploration in Engineering is another semester-long course. Students will “design, build, and program robots to perform various tasks.” Mr. Millan taught both courses this year and last year Mr. Poulsen taught Exploration in Engineering, and Mr. Coyer taught Computer Programming.

Conceptual physics meets robotics in the Principles of Engineering course, currently taught by Mr. Johansen. According to Mr. Eastvedt, students learn about sustainability, mechatronics, forces, and structures, to name a few topics.

Mrs. Casburn, Android App Development teacher, is set to teach Computer Integrated Manufacturing (PLTW) next year.

Photo by Leonel Quintana

The new courses were made possible by the school district, and ROP’s use of its YCC grant. The school district covered much of the initial costs and the YCC grant “helps offset costs for equipment, field trips, and guest speakers.”

With time and effort, the newest STEAM courses are sure to expand opportunity for immersion in math and science and will help enrich students’ intellect and creativity.


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