Bettering Our Community



Meetings were held for the new uniform policy at Baldwin Park High School at on February 17th-19th. Assistant Principal,  Mr. Cuevas, led this meeting. He pointed out some interesting facts about why he is so passionate about students wearing uniforms.

He explained that students have been bullied for the clothes they wear, and the number of cases would go down if everyone was wearing the same outfit. The attendance would also improve because students wouldn’t waste time in the morning not knowing what to wear. Mr. Cuevas feels our school could be much safer if all students were wearing uniforms. The proctors could identify non-BPHS students walking through the gates. It would be a smooth transition for middle schoolers who already wear uniforms such as, Olive and Holland. Uniforms are cheap and the clothes the school will be selling will not be for profit.

Since BPHS is a public school, students will have the ability to opt-out. Although, the alternative dress code would be even more strict.

Mr. Cuevas really wants school to be about education and not about clothing. He had a conversation with Mr. Rust, principal at Holland Middle School, and Mr. Rust claimed academics went up when students started to wear uniforms.uniforms

Uniforms would benefit our community by reducing crime rate. In the Power Point Mr. Cuevas showed some information from Long Beach Unified School District. After they implemented school uniforms:

    • Assaults down 34%
    • Assaults with weapons down 50%
    • Fighting down 51%
    • Robbery down 65%
    • Possession of weapon down 52%
    • Drugs down 69%
    • Vandalism down 15%

A concerned parent asked “If 75% of the parents say no to the uniforms and the other 25% said yes, will the uniform still be mandatory?”

Mr. Cuevas replied with “The majority vote will win; it’s our school and we want the parents to have their vote.”

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