After 10 Years of High School the Musical Lives On


Disney’s High School Music had its 10th anniversary on January 26th. The old cast of the movie got together for a reunion on Disney Channel to watch all three High School Musical movies in a marathon. The musical film is about a star basketball player named Troy who meets a smart girl named Gabriella at a holiday karaoke party and they instantly connect. They unexpectedly reunite at school and decided to audition for the upcoming school musical. A very outgoing, fashion diva named Sharpay does anything to stop them from making their audition. Troy’s father is not supportive of Troy’s relationship with Gabriella and the upcoming musical. His father leaves the thought in Troy’s head and thinks to himself “Basketball or musical?”
Many fans were very upset because the actor of Troy, Zac Efron announced that he would not be able to join the old cast for the 10th year anniversary. Although he did not make it, he sent a giant apology out to all High School Musical fans. He also sent out a tweet saying, “I have nothing but love or the #HighSchoolMusical cast & fans; wish I could’ve joined the fun in person. See it tonight @8, Disney Channel.”

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