How to Be Single Movie Review


How to Be Single, sounds like a cliche; the title creates a sense that this movie would be the typical chick flick. Another factor that adds to the films cliche is that the film was released on February 12th. People would assume that the film is simply for the lonely singles on Valentine’s Day, but it is so much more.

The film starts off with Alice (played by Dakota Johnson) taking a break from her four-years-long boyfriend Josh (played by Nicholas Braun). Alice takes this break  to see what it’s like to be alone. Lo and behold she is introduced into the corrupt world of single dating by Tom (played by Anders Holm). Through this introduction, she decides she’s done with her break, but to her dismay, her boyfriend Josh has found someone else.

Alice decides to navigate the single life with her good friend Robin (played by Rebel Wilson). She finds much support her sister Meg (played by Leslie Mann), who is going through her own life-changing experiences.

How_To_Be_Single_PosterThe film is the typical romcom, with two best friends navigating their way through New York. The main protagonist discovers that you do not need a relationship to be happy and while being alone, you should learn to love yourself. The main message is oneof self-discovery and loving yourself and all your flaws. Although the film has a basic plot line, the film draws a lot of laughs through its odd-ball characters. This movie is excellent if you want to have some good laughs. I give this film a 4 out of 5 stars as a romantic comedy.

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