Aloha, Good Food!


BALDWIN PARK, CA — Aloha Hawaiian BBQ and Sushi is a Hawaiian restaurant hidden away in the plaza in between the Subway and Wingstop near Sierra Vista High School. Both small and humble, the restaurant may not seem like much at first, but do not let its appearances fool you. The food is amazing; it lives up to the standard of the unique tastes found only in mom-and-pop shops.

Shrimp Tempura Sushi Burrito

Upon entry, customers were met with the tunes of The Beatles playing for a few others in the shop. The interior was not overly decorated, but this lack of decor may have been a smart choice because it brought the customer’s attention immediately to the large menu of delectables beside the friendly cashier. There were two main attractions at Aloha: firstly, the combo meals that served a meat of your choice with rice, salad, miso soup, and sushi; secondly, the sushi burritos served with miso soup and salad.

The combo meal costs $6.99-8.99 and the sushi burrito costs $6.99-9.99 — not expensive for typical seafood meals, even more so when you see the sizes of the meal. The presentation of both the combo and the sushi burrito was clearly for aesthetic purposes, living up to its pictures all of social media sites.

Chicken Combo Meal

However, if something must be said about the food at all, it is how good the food tastes. With the serving of soup and salad and a lack of grease, eating the food almost felt like a cleansing experience. The best part about the sushi burrito had to be the spicy mayo sauce. Tangy and appetizing, the sauce added the extra kick needed for the sushi burrito. The sushi burrito also held up well and only came apart in the final bites. The serving of two burritos is definitely enough to satisfy any hungry customer.

The combo was a bit lackluster in appearance, but the same could not be said about its taste. The meat was served with a teriyaki sauce that hinted at the addition of lemon juice. Once again, the sauce made the meal very appetizing. The sushi that came with the combo tasted fresh, earning two thumbs up in that category.

If you are looking to dabble into Hawaiian and Japanese cuisine, Aloha is definitely right for you. Overall, I give the restaurant a 4.5/5 stars.

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