What is the Puppy Bowl?

What is the Puppy Bowl?

This past Sunday in addition to the Super Bowl there was the 12th annual Puppy Bowl. The Puppy Bowl is an event aired on Animal Planet to try and promote adoption for those who are in shelters. Animal Planet teamed up with 44 animal shelters throughout the nation this year in order to make up two teams for the actual Puppy Bowl game. Some of these shelters are Paws Chicago, Little Dog Rescue located in Florida and more throughout the whole country.

The purpose of the Puppy Bowl is to try and get animals adopted by loving families and to give people of all ages entertainment because who doesn’t want to watch around fifty adorable puppies play their version of football? It’s an adorable thing to watch. Many of the animals participating in the Puppy Bowl are adopted and given a home of their own, which may or may not have happened without the help of Animal Planet.

Not only are dogs shown and adopted on this annual show, they have a kitten half-time! With this half-time they have a bunch of kittens running around and playing and they are shown to also (hopefully) get adopted. The fact that Animal Planet and so many shelters have teamed up together to make a cute show to help give animals a home is a great thing and the one day show isn’t where they stop to try and help. During their “offseason,” Animal Planet hosts events throughout a few states called “Road to the Puppy Bowl,” which gives so many more animals the chance to become adopted and to be given a new home and a family.

The Puppy Bowl is a cute and smart way in order to give animals the chance to become adopted and loved. With Animal Planet having done this for over ten years, it shows that this is a positive and entertaining way for your new friend to be found.

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