Merc With a Mouth: Deadpool (Spoiler Free)

Merc With a Mouth: Deadpool (Spoiler Free)

Although Deadpool may seem like any other superhero origin movie, it makes up for its lack of an original plot with its crude humor. From the opening scene to the closing, this movie is sure to fill its hour and forty-eight minute run time with something comedic, whether it’d be
sarcasm, satire, or just plain silliness.deadpool 3

It has already broken records for largest R-Rated Opening Weekend, largest Opening Day in February, largest February Opening Weekend, and Largest 4-Day President’s Day Weekend, grossing over $284 million worldwide. This is extremely unexpected since many R-Rated movies are limited to just an older fan base, rather than anyone who wants to see it, as PG-13 movies are.

Deadpool is not necessarily a superhero, but an anti-hero, with some caring qualities. Because he is invincible and has the ability to regenerate any body part, this creates some opportunities for humor to be incorporated.

The movie’s faults are brought by its plot. It’s the typical boy meets girl, girl gets kidnapped, and now he has to go save her storyline. However, due to Deadpool being able to break the fourth wall (talk to/acknowledge the audience), this brings freshness and originality to the movie.

Deadpool is a new take on an old movie formula and brought what the fans wanted. Because of this, I rate it 4 / 5  stars.

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