Giving Your Companions A Little More Attention


BALDWIN PARK– Mark your calendars because National Love Your Pet Day is Saturday, February 20th! Love your dog, cat, bird, lizard, or any pet in your family.

Fabiola's dog, a mini Golden Retriever Poodle mix.
Fabiola’s dog, a mini Golden Retriever Poodle mix.

On this unofficial holiday, you can celebrate it with your pet companion by showing a little bit more love! Spoil them the whole day with treats, baths, and more sleep. These domestic animals are just like humans, too! Just as people need love, so do they.

This day creates awareness to give your pets more attention. As some may know, pets are very helpful to their owners. Their companionship can help lower blood pressure and release stress. A puppy knows when its owner needs help. A kitten can provide comfort. A parrot can relieve stress and create humor in the house.

Sometimes, pet owners don’t realize it but their pets are family. Every so often, they can take advantage of their pets without realizing that their pets are here for them, even when they need them the most.

BPHS Junior Fabiola Lopez, explained how she was going to spend her Love Your Pet Day with her dog, a mini Golden Retriever Poodle mix.

“I’m going to get her some new toys and buy her her favorite snacks,” she said.

So appreciate and pamper your pet; all it takes is a little extra love. Feel free to hashtag #LoveYourPetDay on social media as well! This special day is a great chance to focus on that special relationship with your pet(s).

Just share it.