Make Some Noise for Physics!


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Friday, February 12th, AP Physics students from Mr. Eastvedt’s fourth period class brought their homemade instruments to school. No, the class was not debuting its new physics band; the instruments were the results of a recent project revolving around the study of sound. IMG_1782

For the project, students were only specified to use items found around the house to create an instrument that can play a pitch perfect chromatic scale. To add some fun to the project, students also had to play a tune to the class and see if their classmates knew what tune they were playing. Other than measuring how pitch perfect the instruments were, entertainment was also factored into the final project grades.

“It [the project] really forces you to express your creative side while also getting the math right,” explained senior AP Physics student Jovanni Tutor, who referenced the math that needed to be calculated to create instrument pieces that would play the right harmonic frequencies.

IMG_1791A total of five homemade instruments were brought into the classroom on debut day. Instrument types ranged from Starbucks bottles filled with different amounts of water, to a percussive PVC-pipe instrument. For the first ten minutes of class, students were allowed to warm up and get rid of pre-show jitters and slight amounts of stage fright.


The final performance of the day was definiIMG_1800tely a favorite among many of the students. Created by Cesar Arevalo, David Perez, Gabriel Guzman, and Jovanni Tutor, the instrument used was made of PVC pipes and a cardboard box. The song the group performed was Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. The performance started off with the famous intro and suddenly burst into action when Gabriel, David, and Jovanni started dancing. During one point of the performance, money was strewn about. The project certainly had the entertainment factor, drawing laughs from students around the class. Some would even say it was Grammy-worthy.IMG_1808

With the performance factor of the project over, the only aspect left to be judged is the pitch perfection of the different instruments before the final grade can be decided by Mr. Eastvedt.

“Personally, I don’t think we got the results that we wanted,” confessed Jovanni when asked about her thought on her group’s spectacular performance. “Regardless, it was a fun project with a great group.”

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