Your New Pondahan


Pondahan is a restaurant behind Yogurtland in West Covina, California. Pondahan translates to “hang out” in Tagalog and this restaurant is able to stay true to its name due to their delicious Filipino cuisine and being a peaceful place for family and friends.

On arrival, diners were greeted and offered a seat anywhere in the restaurant. Quickly after, the waiters brought ice waters and menus. Because it was only 4 p.m, it wasn’t their busiest hour, so, of course, the waiters were very attentive.

Shrimp fried rice and barbecue chicken kabobs were ordered. The shrimp fried rice was delicious and had all the tasty characteristics of shrimp fried rice at other restaurants: Brown rice, shrimp, egg, cabbage, onion, peas, and carrots. The unusual thing about this plate was the fact that they gave a huge portion for only $8.99. The chicken kabobs were grilled perfectly and were dipped in a tangy barbeque sauce. The kabobs weren’t too spicy and had a great taste compared to a typical barbecue sauce. We left satisfied with our meal. The prices were reasonable and they serve a consistently large portion of food for the amount paid.

This restaurant can be great for either a peaceful lunch with a friend or to go out with a large group of people for dinner. Catching up with a friend? Try Pondahan for lunch. We rate 4/5 stars.


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