Braves Crush The Lobos


CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA– On Wednesday, February 10th, BPHS Varsity Boys’ Soccer defeated the Workman Lobos in a 4-0 landslide victory.

“Today’s game really demonstrated how even if the odds are against us, we can still make the best of it,” Alessandro Bryden said with excitement.

Despite the sweltering 90° weather, the Braves worked quickly to gain possession of the ball in the first half of the match. Bryan Escalante played aggressively with the Lobos while Luis Canelo, goalkeeper, prevented any ball from scoring in his path. Omar Rivera can be considered the star of the first half from his two consecutive goals, giving the Braves a great headstart.25crop

Miguel Gonzalez attempted to steal the ball from the Lobos multiple times but failed as his opponents caught up to him. He later found his rhythm as he went all in and attacked the ball together with his teammates. The Lobos attempted to score from a corner kick but it was quickly blocked by Brian Zuniga. Later, Luis Villa scored, ending the first half with a 3-0 lead. The Braves’ confidence shone with pride while they took their break.

The second half was very easy-going for the Braves as the most recent goal seemed to insure their victory. With the current score and the Braves’ advantage of more masculine players, the Lobos did not accept this. They responded with many energetic and forceful plays, pushing the ball closer and closer to Canelo. Manuel Prado prevented any mistake that could have happened and continued playing with smarter strategies. From the guaranteed leading score, the Braves removed any sign of anxiety.

Many of the Braves slowed down from the heat and tried to play out the rest of the time. But a few players, like Jesus Flores, continued the rapid and consistent pace throughout the entire match. Flores made an effort to score twice, but the ball flew just a bit too wide both times. The Braves were sluggish in the second half but that didn’t stop the team from making clever plays toward the end of the match. The last and final goal for the Braves brought the score to 4-0 when Alessandro Bryden booted the ball over the goalie and into the net despite having suffered a cringe worthy collision.

17cropAlthough the Workman Lobos had good sportsmanship and quick reactions, the Braves dominated the match with the power of teamwork and hard work.

“We had the need to win. Overall it was a good game, you know, we’re really such a good team. We got where we needed,” Coach Mira stated proudly.


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