Braves Unable To Clinch League Title


CITY OF INDUSTRY — On Wednesday, February 10th, the Boys Varsity Basketball team failed to tie for the Montview League title in a devastating loss to Workman High School, with a score of 51-30.

“Tonight was probably the closest we’re going to have to what we’re going to see in playoffs, so this is what we want to see…We just need to knock down a couple more baskets,” stated Coach Israel Anguiano.

The Lobos were the first to score, but the Braves quickly retaliated with the help of Jose Castaneda, who countered every opposing move. Castaneda and fellow teammate Chris Giron both contributed to the Braves’ dominant play in the first quarter, as their combined efforts launched the team to a four-point lead of 12-8.

The Braves’ small victory was short lived however, as the Lobos abruptly asserted their power on the court with multiple successful shots that gave them a lead of 16-14. A three-point shot from Fernando Carillo momentarily gave the Braves the upper hand, but this did little to prevent the Lobos from ending the first half with a lead of 25-17.

Things got even more intense during the third quarter, when the Braves got tired of Workman’s uncalled fouling Parents in the stands could be heard shouting at the referees for neglecting to call out the misconduct occurring throughout the majority of the game.

“Unfortunately, tonight I felt that we were climbing uphill the entire night and we couldn’t really get anything going… When you’re playing against the officials and the other team, it makes it tough to win,” commented Coach Israel Anguiano at the end of the game.WorkmAN 2

The Braves were down by ten points at the start of the fourth quarter, 32-22, but that did not faze them. William Trinidad attacked fiercely with baskets, adding up to an eight-point jump for his team, which brought the score to 32-30.  However, with 10 out of the 19 points in the fourth quarter being free throws from the Lobos, it was extremely difficult for the Braves to come back. It almost seemed like the team, excluding Trinidad and Castaneda, was intimidated to shoot the ball.

With all these factors coming into play, the Braves were unable to come back against the undefeated Lobos and suffered a loss, with the final score being 51-30.

After Friday’s game against Duarte, the boys are headed to the playoffs.

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