Teacher Extraordinaire


The teachers at Baldwin Park High School are an array of people. On our staff, we have veterans, scholars, and avid athletes. The 2014-2015 school year was the last year for William Poulsen, the previous drafting teacher and in his stead we received a new teacher, Jose Millan.

Mr. Millan began his studies at Rio Hondo College and wrapped up his education at California State University, Los Angeles. He has worked for various manufacturing and designing companies whose clients were organizations such as Fresh and Easy, Mission Tortillas, and other food processing businesses.

Mr. Millan was not the greatest student in high school, but when he took his first drafting class he was a shining student since he enjoyed designing things. His drafting teacher there helped him get on the right track. The experience encouraged him to go on to study engineering and later on to study to become a teacher where he hopes he can make the same impact on students that his drafting teacher had on him.

When asked about why he decided to become a teacher, Mr. Millan said, “I didn’t really have any goals in high school and then it took one teacher who took the time and really helped me get myself centered into education and I wanted to return that favor by becoming an educator and helping other students reach their education goals… ”

He is currently working towards improving the engineering curriculum within the school, by starting engineering classes where freshman students are working towards understanding engineering better with practical applications.





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