Girls Fend Off the Gladiators


COVINA, CA — On Friday, February 5, Girls’ Varsity Basketball won in an impressive match against the Lady Gladiators at Gladstone High School with a final score of 35-28.

“I’m really proud of the way we played today especially with all the pressure that was on us,” explained player Camila Rodriguez. “Our seniors guided us through the game and kept our attitudes positive and told us that we are always capable to win.”

The first quarter started off with both teams struggling to make the first score to set the mood for the rest of the match. Throughout the leading minutes, the Braves attempted plays that would end with Nora Torres making a three-pointer, but these plays did not succeed. The first points of the match were made by the Gladiators, but Lauren Pistaffa did not allow them to enjoy their score for long when she made the first three-pointer of the match and put the Braves on the scoreboard. Afterwards, Pistaffa assisted Sally Hernandez by making another three-point shot with a strategic play and pass. Lauren proved to be the star of the quarter after making another shot by overpowering three defending Gladiators, ending the quarter with Braves leading 13-3.

In the second quarter, Jennifer Aguilar was subbed into the game for the Braves and proved the decision to be the right one after she skillfully brought the ball from baseline to baseline. With Aguilar’s assist, Hernandez attempted to make another three-pointer unsuccessfully, but made up for the miss, pressuring the Gladiators and forcing them to take a time-out with four more minutes on the clock. After the timeout, Janett Medina executed a behind-the-back crossover and made a two-pointer at the end of the quarter, bringing the score to 18-12, with the Gladiators inching their way up to the Braves’ score.bball1

The third quarter quickly began with a shot by Torres. The score remained the same for a long time as the players ran back and forth on the court. Hernandez was the most aggressive player in this quarter, as she dribbled through the defensive Lady Gladiators and showed off her consistent pivot shots. The Lady Gladiators were uneasy and it showed through their failed attempts, as they were too eager and anxious as the Lady Braves soared higher on the scoreboard. Pistaffa and Medina both had good passes to each other and came up with fast paced strategies for their teammates. Just as she began the quarter with a three-pointer, Torres ended it with another one, making the score 28-15.

With the Braves already ahead in the game, Hernandez sank two free throws in the beginning of the last quarter. The ball was in Torres’ possession; however, when a Gladiator intercepted and stole the ball, Torres tried to take it back but failed. She redeemed herself by passing the ball to Pistaffa as she easily penetrated through four Gladiators. The Lady Gladiators constantly tried to make set shots but failed because of Pistaffa’s outstanding defensive mode. A time-out was called by Gladstone, and the game became more intense with only three minutes left to spare. After Medina easily intercepted a few Gladiators, another time-out was called. The Gladiators were only saved by rebounds and later Medina successfully made two free-throws. For the final touch, Hernandez received a pass from Aguilar and made a three-pointer, ending the game with the Braves’ victory, 35-26.

“Good job tonight ladies. I’m proud of each and every one of you,” encouraged senior player Antoinette Flores.

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