Braves Come Back Against The Gladiators


On Friday, February 6, the Baldwin Park’s Varsity Boys Basketball team defeated Gladstone 48-41, after trailing by 10 points at the half. Captain William Trinidad scored 20 points and Jose Castaneda had 11.

The Braves started the first quarter slow and with little energy. Gladstone was seen hustling for rebounds and loose balls while BP showed less effort. Even though the Gladstone lineup was small, they had great ball handling skills and seemed to want to win more than B.P. At the end of the first, the Gladiators were up 11-5.

The second quarter showed better offense from the Braves, yet they still were on the losing end. Coach Israel Anguiano could be heard from the stands screaming at the boys “You guys are shooting yourself in the foot.” Even with a decent second quarter, the Braves were still down 30-20.

However, things really seemed to take off in the third quarter. The Braves showed more interest in winning and were more communicative. “All the seniors had a conversation with the lower classmen to step it up,” expressed sophomore Daishaun Hamblin, which sparked greater energy from the team.daishawn pic

The Braves’ defense really kicked in during the third, only allowing Gladstone to score six points in the third, and three in the fourth, all the while scoring 11 and 17, respectively. At the end of the third, the Braves were only down by five.

With multiple steals and rebounds from Daishaun Hamblin, the Braves were able to score off of their defense, while limiting the Gladiators possession of the ball. With only a few seconds left, Gladstone turned the ball over to the Braves.They made a great comeback and finished off Gladstone, 48-41.

They take on Workman (8-0) on Wednesday to fight for the Montview League title.

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