The Aztecs and The Braves on the Same Level


BALDWIN PARK– On Wednesday, February 3rd, Boys’ Varsity Soccer tied with the Azusa Aztecs with a score of 2-2 at Baldwin Park High School.

I feel like we could have done better, we missed our opportunities and we had defensive errors. We should have won this game, but it is what it is. We have to fix our mistakes and get ready for the next game,” said team captain Jesus Flores.      

The game started off strong; both teams passed the ball aggressively back and forth amongst one another. The Aztecs and Braves both fought  rigorously to keep the ball in their possession. After  a couple of minutes into the first half, Jesus Flores made a header goal. After the first goal, Favian Causor made an attempt at another goal but to no avail. Juventino Magana was superb at blocking many of the goals the Aztecs attempted to make.

IMG_0466Star player Flores once again made an upper V goal halfway through the first half of the game, resulting in the Braves making a strong lead of 2-0. Shortly after, defender Benjamin Palafox had a minor injury, unfortunately, after coming back from a previous injury in the season. Midfielder Favian Causor did a stupendous job throughout this half by gaining control of the ball for the team’s forwards.

The beginning of the second half was mostly played with the ball in the Aztecs possession. In the initial minutes of this half the Aztecs were able to make their first goal. Both Aztecs and Braves made multiple attempts at goals throughout but did not succeed. Defender Regy Antunez exhibited great strength by deflecting many shots the Aztecs tried to make at the goal. Even with the great sturdiness the Braves exhibited, Aztec Jose Vega was able to make his second goal of the night for his team, ending with the score 2-2.

This tie led to overtime, where things really heated up. Throughout this interval, both teams made many attempts at goals but both teams’ defenders kept the score at 2-2. The Braves nearly made a goal but hit the post. IMG_0482Dismally, the Braves were unable to make a goal during overtime, which led to a final score of 2-2.


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