Francisco Perez Commits To UCLA


Francisco “Paco” Perez, ranked as the 36th Offensive Tackle in the nation and third in California, has decided to commit to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); despite having verbally committed to University of California, Berkeley earlier in the year. The decision came after a vigorous recruiting effort from both schools.

“I chose this school because I wanted to be close to home and I thought it was a good fit for me. I know I’m going to get a lot of playing time and a chance to compete, ” Perez explained.

Since family has always been important to Perez, location also played a huge factor in his decision. With Berkeley being almost 400paco ucla 1 miles away from Baldwin Park, and UCLA only being 35 miles away, UCLA was the obvious choice.

“Location was a huge factor, I just wanted to be close to home. If I ever feel homesick I can just drive down and see the family and have a place to come home,” Perez elaborated.

When asked about how his coaches helped influence him, Perez stated, “Coach Heggins and Sterling were great, they helped me on everything I needed help on, especially when it came down to what to look for in a school and even when I was stressed out. I [was] happy to have them by my side throughout the whole process,” he added.

Francisco will graduate on June 2, along with the rest of the 2016 class, and will head on over to UCLA on June 20 to start fall training camp.

“I’m excited to feel the college experience and I’m ready to compete. I just want to get this school year over with and end it with a good feeling knowing I have Baldwin Park behind my back to support and I just want to go in there and compete,” he concluded.

Good luck as a Bruin!

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