Girls Tamed By The Dons


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Friday, January 29th, Baldwin Park High School’s Girls’ Varsity Basketball team lost to the Sierra Vista Dons in an aggressive and fast-paced game on home territory.

“Well, today’s game should have been ours but we started making a lot of mistakes and for that reason, we didn’t succeed in today’s game,” explained Sally Hernandez.

The first quarter started with a bang as Baldwin Park’s Janett Medina made a two-pointer in the first few seconds of the match. This first move would set the aggressive attitude of both teams for the rest of the match. For a while, the scored stayed at 7-4 with the Dons leading until Sally Hernandez shot a three-pointer that boosted the Braves’ morale. The Braves’ hard work paid off with their lead by the end of the quarter,12-9.bball1

Throughout the second quarter, players Camila Rodriguez and Hernandez both unsuccessfully attempted to score but continued the Lady Braves’ aggressive plays. Eventually, the Dons caught up with the Braves’ score and even passed the Braves a little after. Selena Guerrero of Sierra Vista made  much-needed three-pointer from left court to motivate the Dons. The match became intense as the spectators in the bleachers shouted “defense” louder and louder each time. Despite their formidable performance, the Braves could not overtake the Dons, ending the quarter with a score of 24-17.

The third quarter started off well for the Braves with Nora Torres shooting a three-pointer. However, things eventually slowed down for the Braves when the Dons made continuous shots and were in possession of the ball for most of the quarter. After Hernandez shot a three-pointer halfway into the quarter, Lauren Pistaffa followed with another one.bball The Braves seemed to be making a comeback as the scoring gap closed to 29-23, with the Dons still in the lead.

During the fourth quarter, the Braves’ momentum seemed to die down. Although the Dons had the advantage with some taller teammates and were more spirited, Torres kept the mood lively by repeating, “Let’s push it girls.” The star player of the night was definitely Janett Medina with her impressive passes and stamina. Despite all the hardships, the Braves were defeated 52-35.

Although Lady Brave Jennifer Aguilar did not get playing time for the game, she cheered hard for her teammates. When asked about her thoughts on the game, Jennifer had a message for her teammates.

“No matter what the score was, you guys killed it out there and fought hard throughout the entire game,” encouraged Jenny. “Our coaches were extremely proud of all of you and let’s get those wins against Azusa and Gladstone this upcoming week.”

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