Rallying for Seniors!


IMG_7496 cropped portraitOn January 21, 2016 in the BPHS gym, more than 200 seniors met to enjoy an evening planned just for them. Seniors filed into the foyer and were graciously given a piece of delicious pizza, a bag of chips or Cheetos, and a bottle of water. Those same seniors were then promptly ushered through another door where they enjoyed their free meal outside among jovial classmates and a clear night’s sky.

Hosted by ASB, this event is only the second of its kind in recent Braves history, the first occurring for the class of 2014. The emcees for the evening were senior Moses Nunez and junior Ruby Murillo. The music kept 2016ers singing and moving in the bleachers while they watched teams of classmates perform challenges that ranged from difficult and humorous to even-more-difficult and humorous. Teams were comprised of six members each with fun names like Cap’n Crunch and the Cereal Killers and Steven and the Stevens. Whose idea was the fruit between the knees game? That game required teammates to kneel by an apple or orange, squoosh it between their knees, then rise carefully and shuffle, hop, or roll about twenty yards to a bowl in which to deposit the fruit. It was definitely hilarious watching some of our bigger seniors, Francisco Perez and Geovanny Rojas to name a couple, try to get that teeny-tiny apple or orange picked up. After a scoot-on-the-rug challenge, the last two teams, Bomb Squad and The Dream Team, were ready to compete for the win. In the end, Bomb Squad blew up their competition and took the title.

The audience could also participate by answering questions by bleacher correspondent Angel Guererro, who, it seemed, was always too-willing to rip a losing team’s poster from the wall. Just to add more memories to the night, seniors took advantage of the free photo-booth. They got sassy and fancy with their friends, posing and laughing.

Overall, the evening was a success. The best way to get the most out of senior year is to actually participate in it, and many of them did just that.

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