The More Languages You Know, The Better


BALDWIN PARK– Imagine speaking to your father in French while you speak to your mother in Vietnamese. Imagine watching T.V. shows in different languages. It does not necessarily mean you are smarter, but speaking two languages instead of just one has more practical benefits, especially in this modernizing world. Many  students at BPHS speak at least two languages. Students may not be aware, but being fluent in many languages has such a great advantage, that increases scholastic achievements.

Antonio Valadez, BPHS junior, speaks English and Spanish. He included how being bilingual can come in handy for school. “It makes studying for anatomy terms easier because some words come from Spanish words.”

Being bilingual can make life easier. A student can adapt to different environments and interpret conversations, so his or her knowledge expands. Bilinguals also have a cognitive advantage and use parts of the brain that monolinguals do not use, according to scientists studying this phenomenon. According to the American Community Survey, more than one in 5 individuals over the age of 5 (21%) speak a language other than English. Knowing more than one way of communicating enhances intellectual capacities. It can also delay the onset of symptoms in people suffering from dementia and other cognitive degenerative diseases.jimmers

More advantages can include having good communication skills, being able to learn new words, being able to use information in new ways, coming up with solutions to problems, and connecting well with others.

Jimmy Chen, BPHS junior, speaks four languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Hakka (another Chinese dialect). He feels embarrassed speaking his native languages at school but displays his talent at home. Jimmy believes speaking multiple languages makes it easier to get a job and socialize with a bigger group of people.

“I can talk to everyone at the supermarket, I can talk to most Chinese [people], in Chinese class, when ordering food, and translating for parents,” he stated.antonio

And BPHS Chinese Teacher, Ms. Kelso, argues, “Those that live in Southern California, it is probably better you speak Spanish but Chinese is on the rise!”

Do not be embarrassed to speak your native language. Never doubt the power of language. The words we hear and the sentences we speak leave such deep imprints on society. It is also never too late to learn a language. Learning a new language may take some time, but it will definitely pay off in the end. It is now understandable why two years of a foreign language is required to take at school. It can expand your understanding of the world and help you excel at whatever you choose to do.

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