The Lesson in Schedule Conflicts


BALDWIN PARK, CA — Although second semester has only started, school counselors have already started visiting English classes to talk about class schedules for the upcoming year. Many students decide on their upcoming courses with great consideration for time management and livability.

“My biggest concern is the bugging question, ‘How will I juggle AP classes with my extracurricular activities and social life?’” current sophomore, Camille Tieu, stated.

Yet, even after all of the consideration, students often do not get the schedule of their dreams. The cause of such disappointment stems from one thing — schedule conflicts.

When asked about schedule conflicts, junior Cynthia Flores detailed her most recent experience when dealing with them this year.

“I had originally planned to take AP Calculus BC, but since it interfered with my Chicano Studies class, I decided to take AP Calculus AB,” explained Cynthia. “It’s hard to choose the classes I want when they’re in the same period.

Schedule conflicts are inevitable in a high school career. As long as class availability remains limited, students will be forced to make sacrifices. However, through their sacrifices, students find a lesson to be learned from schedule conflicts.

Often, students choose to take certain classes completely on a whim. Sometimes, the reason can be as simple as wanting to take the same class that a friend is taking. Schedule conflicts force students to reevaluate their educational needs. When students are forced to to decide between two future classes, they look beneath the surface level of their desires and analyze the pros and cons of attending each class. Students are ultimately encouraged to establish their priorities and learn to make sacrifices.

When looked at this way, problematic class schedules prepare students for future solutions. Schedule conflicts provide a valuable lesson for students soon to be independent and ready to make decisions on their own — you may not get everything you want because everything is not what you need.

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