Braves Feather the Falcons


On Tuesday, January 26th, the wrestling teams of Baldwin Park High School and Duarte High School came together for a dual meet that ended in victory for both the Braves’ Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. The meet was hosted by the Braves and ended with a score of 12-0 for the Junior Varsity team and a score of 51-24 for the Varsity team.

After the meet, David Perez was noticeably satisfied with the Braves’ performance. “I feel that everyone did what they should and we got great pins and wins out there,”

The Junior Varsity meet consisted of two brief matches between the Braves and the Falcons. The Braves were successful in both matches, ending with a score of 12-0.IMG_1985_150

The Braves’ Varsity team had a shaky start to their meet after three consecutive losses that left the score at an unnerving 18-0. Team Captain David Perez was the first to break the Braves’ dry spell by pinning his opponent within the first minute of his match, bringing the score to 18-6.

Perez’ victory was immediately followed by a successful pin from Octavio Aguilar, which brought the score to 18-12. These two matches set the tone for the remainder of the meet as the dominant Braves steadily overtook the Falcons. Little opposition from the opposing team allowed the Braves to end the night with a score of 51-24.

Perez told the Vanguard News. “We’ve just got to be ready for Thursday.” He then commended the Duarte Falcons for their early weight classes and expressed his wish to encounter them again in League Finals.

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