Science Olympiad Team Coming Soon


Serious About Science (SAS) will soon be launching at BPHS. The founder, junior Jorge Aparicio, aims to take a team of 15 students to compete at the Los Angeles Science Olympiad. Moreover, he hopes the group can spread their love of science to other students on campus.

“I decided to start this club because I felt that there were little to know [sic] events that the school participates in that allows our school to place their best academic students against other schools,” said Jorge Aparicio.

While competing at a Science Olympiad may seem like a daunting task, Jorge is looking to make science and the competition more, “fun and approachable,” through school competitions.

As an astute founder, Jorge recognizes the need to ensure the future of the club. He has set out to, “create a well prepared team for next year’s competition as well as ensure the viability of the club for future generations.”

Because the club is still in its planning stages, nothing has yet to be set in stone. However, Jorge stated that meetings will be held after school on Tuesdays.

Head over to room 701 and speak with Mr. Johansen for more information.

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