Braves Hunt Down The Lobos


BALDWIN PARK– On Friday, January 22nd, Boys’ Varsity Soccer won against the Workman Lobos, with the triumphant score of 3-0 at Baldwin Park High School.

Jason Cabrera, who played diligently throughout the entire game, believed that hard work and teamwork were both keys to his team’s victory. His opponents were no challenge.

The game started off slowly as both teams struggled to score. The players constantly passed the ball to one another but were unable to score. Bryan Zuniga had the stamina to pass the ball.sovver

As the sun set and night time arrived, Favian Causor scored the first goal when he confidently took control of the ball. He worked hard to retain it while the Lobos tried to take it away. Jason Cabrera worked best while under pressure and assisted his teammates. The first half ended with Jesus Flores’s scoring at the corner, using both attack and defense through his speed and agility. Afterwards, the Lobos became more intense.

The second half began as Workman made many attempts to reach the perimeter of the goal area but to no avail. The Braves had strong defense and brought the ball back into their possession. Much of this half was spent with Braves trying to score.

Jose Acosta kicked the third and last goal, which could be considered the best. After Workman committed a foul, the Braves got two open goal shots. The first attempt was successful and became the third goal. The second time, Acosta missed the goal by an inch.

Towards the end of the game, the Braves made another goal resulting in a frantic cheer from the crowd. This celebration was short lived when the referee whistled the goal as invalid. Although the Braves had some slip ups, they dominated the Lobos and ended the game with an outstanding score of 3-0.

“Teamwork is vital in any soccer team, we need to work the ball around the opposing team, because one player can’t defend eleven players. We knew we could beat them but I think our biggest challenge was not getting too confident,” explained BPHS Junior Jason Cabrera.

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