Free Food Galore


Chipotle, no it’s not just a spicy sauce, but also a  popular “Mexican” fast food restaurant. In recent years Chipotle has become a popular chain restaurant where people go to satisfy their burrito, taco, salad, and burrito bowl needs. The restaurant chain, founded in 1993, is known for it’s use of fresh ingredients. The food chain made big headlines in 2013 when they were the first national restaurant chain to announce they would no longer use ingredients with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Chipotle_Chicken_Salad_(With_Vinaigrette)_2xAlthough Chipotle’s huge success is due to their ingredient choice this same choice is the reason they are scrambling to make a comeback at the moment. Recently Chipotle announced they would be giving away free food to customers. This decision came after the recent fall of sales the past couple of months due to the multiple E. Coli and norovirus outbreaks across the country. The company says they will be giving double the usual amount of food to customers hoping to win back trust. Chipotle says that guacamole could be free or even a whole burrito, it will just depend on the location. The company also plans to launch a new campaign next month in hopes to influence sales, however details of the marketing campaign are not yet known.

If free food alone does not bring you back to this once place of burrito bowl heaven, the company also just announced a Super Bowl special. This special gives customers fifty dollars pff their catering order on Super Bowl Sunday. This is a true test of trust because not only must you trust the company yourself but you must trust them enough to feed it to others. Now the only question remains, is this enough to get you to come back to this burrito “heaven”?

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