Braves Fall to the Wrath of the Gladiators


COVINA, CA — On Wednesday, January 20th, Baldwin Park High School’s Boys’ Varsity Soccer team traveled to Gladiator territory, but lost to the Gladstone with a score of 4-0.

Regy Antunez executing a formidable kick.
Regy Antunez executing a formidable kick.

The gloomy weather was the first indicator of the disheartening results of the Braves’ match against the Gladiators. The first half started off slowly, with both teams slightly goading each other, but neither playing too offensively. However, at moments, the Gladiators would burst aggressively to press the unsuspecting Braves. The unexpected offensive plays kept the Braves on their toes and their anxiety was obvious in their defensive plays.

Goalkeeper of the first half, Juventino Magaña, performed well, blocking two possible goals delivered by the Gladiators. During one point in the match, the Gladiators quickly approached the goal, effectively avoiding the Braves’ defense. When Magaña was forced away from the goal, the Gladiators attempted an open shot but were quickly blocked by Braves midfielder Brian Zuniga. Despite this, the Gladiators regained possession of the ball and made their second goal of the match, ending the first half leading the Braves, 2-0.

As the evening sky continued to dim, the morale of the Braves also decreased as they entered the second half. There was a chance for the Braves to score when the Gladiators’ defense slipped five minutes into the second half. However, their offensive attack failed and the Braves did not recover. The Gladiators eventually scored another two goals and ended with the Braves’ loss, 4-0.



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