Riding The Metrolink

Metrolink is a commuter-based train system which has been serving Southern California since 1992. There are

The inside of a train on the San Bernardino Line headed towards the Union Station.
The inside of a train on the San Bernardino Line headed towards the Union Station.

seven lines currently operated by Metrolink, six of which converge at Los Angeles Union Station: The Antelope Valley Line, Inland Empire- Orange County Line, Orange County Line, Riverside Line, Ventura County Line, 91 Line, and San Bernardino line, which has a designated stop in Baldwin Park. Prices to ride the Metrolink traivary depending on factors such as the day of the week and the age of the ticket buyer, for example: the fare for a round trip ticket on a single line would cost $14.50, but students and youth are eligible to buy a ticket for a discounted price of $11.

In terms of pricing, the weekend day pass is the best deal Metrolink has to offer. For only $10, the weekend day pass can be utilized to gain unlimited admission into any Metrolink train as well as most bus and rail services in Southern California.

“I think it’s a good price because of the benefits you get through it, if you take multiple trains a day, it’s going to cost a lot more money than if you get the pass,” said Jessica DeLoera when asked about her experience with the weekend day pass.

A train arrives at the Baldwin Park Metrolink station.

Metrolink is useful because its service lines branch out in different directions. You can get as far south as Oceanside, as far north as Ventura County, and as far east as San Bernardino. Transferring from line to line is done at Union Station. For example: If somebody wanted to get from Baldwin Park to San Clemente, he would need to ride the San Bernardino line train from Baldwin Park to Union Station and then transfer to the Orange County Line, the line that services San Clemente.

When at Union Station, weekend day pass holders may transfer to Metro buses, rails, and subways. Metro, which is an agency separate from Metrolink, primarily deals in servicing the actual city of Los Angeles only. Popular destinations for Metro subway and rail riders include Hollywood, Long Beach, and Koreatown.






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