Aztecs Get Flopped


BALDWIN PARK, CA – On January 15th, the Varsity Lady Braves took to the field and played their hearts out against the Azusa Aztecs, coming out with a rewarding victory. The game ended with a score of 2-0 in favor of Baldwin Park.

The Azusa Aztecs showed a promising performance at the start of the game, fighting for possession of the ball; however, the lady braves knew exactly what to do, and soon enough the ball was bouncing around the opposing team’s half of the field. Just as things began heating up, the Aztecs committed a devastating foul that awarded the goal-hungry Lady Braves a penalty.PenaltyKickJan15 Reyna Gaytan stepped up to the penalty box and shared the suspense of the crowd as she, and the opposing goalie, prepared for the potentially match-deciding shot. After a few moments of silence, the ball was lasered into the net and the Lady Braves were up 1-0.

When the second half came around, the lady braves were pushing relentlessly while the Aztecs struggled to keep up. Surely enough, another goal was score, but this was no ordinary goal. Samantha Vega was advancing toward the goal box with her mind set on helping her team strive, and she did so in one of the most surprising ways. While the audience was expecting the ball to score with a fine header or a strong kick, Samantha Vega ended up scoring by lunging her body at the moving ball, effectively scoring with a majestic flop, but crashing into the post and losing her breath. The audience waited anxiously in silence as the player rested just outside of the goal box, but soon enough, the Lady Brave spirit kicked in and she was back on the pitch.

Jan15 LadyBravesThe Lady Braves walked away with a well deserved victory and they shared their joy with the crowd as the team captain, Reyna Gaytan, asked the audience to give the Brave women on the pitch the round of applause they deserved.

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