Aztecs Left Out Of Breath by Lady Braves


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Friday, January 15th, the Baldwin Park High School Girls’ Varsity team won against the Azusa Aztecs in an intense game with a final score of 39-23.

The first quarter started out fiercely, with Sally Hernandez making a 3-pointer during the first minutes of the game. Janett Medina was pushed out of bounds causing a foul and Lauren Pistaffa sank two successful free throws, increasing the score by 5. With three minutes left in the first quarter, the score came down to 5-3. In those last minutes, Medina made a 3-pointer, while the other team responded with a 3-pointer of their own. Pistaffa was able to make a 2-pointer while Monique Nieblas did a terrific job boxing out. A couple of minutes before the first quarter ended Nieblas threw herself to keep the ball from the Aztecs. Hernandez made a 3 at the end of 1st quarter, which ended with a score of 13-6 with the Braves in the lead.

The second quarter started off slowly with the Lady Braves making many attempts to make 3-pointers, to no avail; both teams in general attempted shots and free throws but continued to miss.  A couple of minutes into the second quarter tension rose, as an Aztec got feisty with Eileen Sandoval. Kiana Martinez was successfully able to take the ball away from the team. Things started to pick up the last couple of minutes of the half, Medina made a 3-pointer, and soon after Nicole Rodriguez made a 2-pointer. The highlight of this quarter was when Medina made a jaw dropping 2-pointer in the last couple of seconds of the quarter ending it 19-8 with the Braves in the lead.

bl friday 15 3Contrary to beginning of the second quarter, the third quarter was action packed from start to finish.  Jenny Aguilar made a 3-pointer in the initial minutes of the game. The Aztecs were able to make a 3-pointer and two successful free throws, changing the score 22-19. Hernandez was able to make 3-pointer. Soon after Medina made an astonishing block at the Aztecs attempt of a 3-pointer. The third quarter ended with a score of  29-21.
Nieblas started off the fourth quarter with a 2-pointer. This quarter was filled with intense back and forth between the Aztecs and Braves. Martinez successfully took the ball away from the Aztecs with 2:52 left on the clock; leading to Medina making a 2-pointer. The game ended with two 2-pointers made by  Hernandez and Gomez. This lead to the Lady Braves winning the game 39-23. Congratulations Braves, keep up the good work.


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