There’s a New Student Commissioner in Town

There’s a New Student Commissioner in Town

A new student commissioner has been elected to serve on the Recreation and Community Service Commission as the representative for Baldwin Park High School.

Senior Madeline Gutierrez has taken the responsibility of attending monthly city council meetings where she must inform the city of the events that are taking place within BPHS.

“In the past I’ve talked about the kinds of programs we have and the different kinds of activities we the Día de los Muertos [event] we had a while back,” Madeline said.

In order to get this position, she had to go through a tough application process in which she had to get recommendations from teachers and even get her fingerprints taken. However, the outcome of being elected makes it all worth it.

“I think it’s fun. I’m getting to know how the city works and how the whole process is… It’s something different and you get exposed to more things that go on around your community,” commented Madeline .

Including having the benefit of knowing what is going on around the city, student commissioners also receive a stipend of $50 for every meeting they attend.

“If students want to get informed about the city and how it works then I would recommend them going,” Madeline said.

Her term is set to end on June 30, 2016. 

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